Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Hot Pink ThemeGalaxy Theme

HotPink themeGalaxy Theme

Project file ........add project file to your themegalaxy folder under "projects"
HotPink Apk ....add project file to your themegalaxy folder under "themes"
Icons can be found here
Weather is "Eye In Sky" and set can be found here

Once files are in the appropriate folders, open the themeGalaxy app, click the word "themeGalaxy" on the top left side. A menu opens up. Select themes. Find HotPink and edit. Make changes or keep as is and build theme so it ends up in your Samsung store.

background wall

 dialer wall

Homescreen wall

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Additional Color Options In ThemeGalaxy App

Additional Color Options In ThemeGalaxy App

With the update to the themeGalaxy app, there is so much more we can color on our phones. I thought I would post what I have found here and keep a running list. If you have any additional colors to add, please let me know and I will add them. 

Settings screen
Under Advanced Customization, go to Android Framework, scroll towards bottom
Primary Text Color Light (hot pink in screenshot)
Secondary Text Color Light (lighter pink in screenshot)

Under Advanced Customization, go to Contacts
Dial Button Main Text (the numbers in the screenshot)

Messaging Main Screen
Under Advanced Customization, go to Messaging
Primary Text Color (contact name on conversation list)
Conversation Item Date Color (the text under the contact name)

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Themes I Posted to themeGalaxy Themes






How to apply a ThemeGalaxy theme

How to apply a ThemeGalaxy theme

When you installed the themeGalaxy app to your phone, another icon called "Themes" appears too. Click on that icon.
Shared: the themes you can import to your phone
Top 50: I assume is the 50 themes with the most views
Fonts: Fonts you can install
Submit: Here is where you can submit your own theme that you made

Select the theme you want and view the screenshots. If you decide you want it, click import at the very top. It will import into your themeGalaxy app. All the color coding will import over. You can leave as is or modify if you want. You will then need to name the theme, select icons, font, wallpaper, etc. and then build theme which will show up in your Samsung Theme Store. Some themers will include their walls (I always will) and some will upload the icon packs. 

Adding Fonts to Your Phone Using themeGalaxy

Adding Fonts to Your Phone Using themeGalaxy

First step:

Add your .ttf fonts to the "custom" folder on your phone
path: themeGalaxy/fonts/custom

Now open themeGalaxy

From the menu select "Build Custom Font from .ttf"

Click Load from fonts/custom folder. Select the font. You can only do one at a time. The font name will show up in "Font name". If there is a space in the name, delete the space. Now click build, then install. Do this for each font you want to add. When done, reboot your phone. They will not show up if you don't reboot (power off/on or restart)

After your phone has been rebooted, go to your phone settings where the fonts are and you should see the ones you installed

theme Galaxy- Theme Maker for Samsung Galaxy by PROJECT [vivid]

I found this app in Google Play "theme Galaxy- Theme Maker for Samsung Galaxy by PROJECT [vivid]" that allows you to create your own Samsung Theme. I like to use stock messaging and keyboard and finding a theme I liked in those 2 areas were hard for me.

Here are the steps I followed. I'm still learning but I have a workable theme I like. 

Open app. Start with #1 to get your primary color scheme. By clicking on each circle, you can change the color. On the top where it says "light", this will give you white backgrounds. Click the dropdown to the get the darker backgrounds.

Now click "Advanced" on the bottom to get keyboard, AOD, Message Bubbles, QuickSettings and Notifications 

Here you can create an AOD. If you choose to, turn on "Include AOD in your theme". check AOD Clock color if you want to change the color and check Image for AOD clock if you want to add an image. It will have you select the image

Now hit the back button and it takes you to #1 Core Apps. Click Next on the bottom

Now you're at #2 Third Party Apps. If you want the same color scheme, click the button "inherit". Not all apps will theme but some do such as Gmail, Google Play, etc. 

If you want a different color scheme for a specific app, click it and this comes up where you can change the primary color for that app only

When done, click next for #3 Include/Exclude. Any apps you want to include in the theme, check them. Otherwise uncheck the ones you don't want to theme. Keep in mind not all will theme regardless. 

Click next to #4 Build Theme. If you want to add walls or icons, check the boxes and then all the walls. When done, name your theme and click BUILD. When done, click install. Go the Samsung Theme Store and apply trial. Something is built in that will allow the theme to stay on without ending the trial. The theme will show as PROJECT [vivid] but the name of it will be your unique theme name. 

Additional screenshots 

Sample phone background

***I am still learning so if you come across anything new that would help other, share the tips***